Thursday 28th Feb. Orange paint and figures.

Glad to have these children back after being away due to illness. They are so much fun! This young artist when he first came wouldn’t even step on the paper, let alone in the paint… look at him after 3 sessions!

Settling in to paint and make loads of marks.

Finding a new way to wipe his feet…only allowed in my studio!

Having painted the cow green….she starts to see how much paper she can cover too.

“I wonder how many cars l can put down this pipe”?

If it won’t go in…push harder! Ha!

Finding out what pattern this flip-flop makes….

….Press hard now.

Great marks.

Enjoying finding out what patterns this tin makes, when dipped in paint.

This is what happens when you play with paint. Lovely messy hands.

and messy feet….yippy!

A lovely messy paper floor at the end of their session!

Thursday After-School Club is still minus 2 girls. So l only had two girls and l boy today. The class were making the same things for a change…a hinged person.

This young man decided to make his person a “Travellor”. So first he had to colour his man and he chose green. I was trying to show him how he could colour in the body in different ways.

The girls decided to make their figures ballet dancers.

He decided that he wanted his figure to have red trousers on, made from tissue paper.

Hard at work on their figures.

Helping each other out.

This young man choosing what stickers to put on his traveller figure.

The finished traveller covered in planes and other traveller items. A hole added to  so he can hang him up. A lovely smiley face!

He also decided to do some painting this long thick streak.

Last bits and pieces being added to their dancers.

Guess what they are watching?

A video of themselves ( Taken by me ) singing “This little light of mine”. They go to different schools but discovered they knew the same song! So they sang it over and over and over again  quite loudly! Ha!

I asked if anyone wanted to add glitter to their dancer? Silly me!

Beautiful aren’t they?

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