Monday 4th march. Mother’s Day cards .

If you are a mum who had a child creating someart at artyfizz today…..then please look away now! As many of you already know, Sunday is Mother’s Day, so today we were creating Mother’s Day cards. This young man decided he was going to create  a bunch of flowers. I was so pleased that he had remembered how to use the scissors, from the session we had last week.

Then came the leaves…………

and more leaves……..

….then he added a beautiful bow made from ribbon…beautiful.

Then of course he needed an envelope and l had just the thing. A large brown carrier bag from Kew Gardens. How’s that for recycling?

Today my studio is even more COVERED in glitter than usual!

Can u see the word MUM? They have been written in glue and then covered in glitter?

Having done the main craft of the day, we turned our attention to the very important subject of planes. This young man had received a light weight jet “flyer” in a party bag and wanted to know could l make him another one? The things these children think l can do..bless their hearts. So l had a try! First of all l had to find some paper and then trace the plane. I think l need thinner paper but lets see what happens.

Ok…the moment of truth…will it fly?

Yes….but not very well were his words. If l had drawn a pilot in the window, it might have flown better!! L will try and perfect it for next week and we can have another go. I have to admit……it was great fun.

Then l introduced him to an etch-a-sketch toy and we lost him! So much so that l let him take it home and bring it back next week. It is nice to see the old toys are still the best.

You might recognise this young lady from a Wednesday Art and Craft session. She is now coming to the After-School club and tonight was her first session. Three of the usual artists were missing, so she had to cope with 2 boys. When they first arrive they talk non stop about their day…both at the same time. Ha!  If you don’t have school age children you may not be used to this wonderful onslaught!

She just got on with making her Mother’s Day card. She had certain ideas about how she wanted her flowers to look.

If you look closely at her card, you will see the stalks are hanging well below the edge of the card. There was no way she could be encouraged to cut them off! That’s what she wanted, so l had to think of a way that the card could stand. We came up with the idea it could hang and so therefore gave the card a loop, so mummy could hang it up. All her own idea.

Now she is painting the carrier to put the card into.

After she had finished her card, she had a little play and then came back to create some more Art. This time she was making a dancing ballerina puppet.

While she was creating this, the two boys were designing their own Mother’s Day cards. One of the boys was rather taken with her card and asked if he may use some of her ideas. I think she was quite pleased!

Just being a boy!

I was rather impressed with the way this young man went about creating his flowers. Instead of putting the screwed up tissue paper down and then adding the centre, he did it the other way round and produce a totally different looking flower. Genius at work.

Here is her dancing doll complete with jewelled skirt. She didn’t want a string added, so as it hang it up. She wanted to be able to play with it.

Then she wanted to paint but spotted some stickers…and you know that most little girls cannot resist them! So stickers and jewells were added to her sheet of paper.
A master piece being created.
Such creative children, a joy to work with.
Then the paint was added.
The children were having a giggle because one of his stickers had ended up inside his sweater.
The boys had asked her what her painting was about and she was telling them it is just a pattern. They were impressed.
Detail on the pattern. I rather like it.
The final bit being added to his card….glitter!
She is loving watching what the boys are doing.
Hearts are a favorite with the boys.
Another original finished card.
Another finished card….beautiful.
Trying to tie up his own apron but finding it a little difficult.
Painting a “thump” painting…his words not mine.
It was a a fun day and lots of beautiful cards were created for some very lucky mummies.

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