Friday 1st March. Pt 1. HAPPY ST.DAVID’s DAY

Today this young lady almost ran into the studio…..took all her clothes off and told me off because the paint was not on the floor yet!! Ha! She was 10 mins early and made good use of that time, painting a lot of the studio floor before the others arrived!
Normally when l have taken a lot of images, the children come and sit on my lap and watch them. Today, we had a new little 2 year old join the group. After a few minutes of her arriving both the regular children came and sat on my lap! I was confused…. why? Then the new little girl came over and sat on my lap too!

They just sat there in complete silence!

Then l managed to get them to go and play but several times during the session, the two regular children came and gave me a cuddle or just sat on my lap, for a few seconds. I think they feel a little unsafe when a new  person is added to their group. The other little girl was just copying them, when she sat on my lap with them.

Oops…she was splattered…….

A quiet moment….actually l think he was trying to work out, how to get inside the fireguard!ha!

“I wonder how many things l can get into this tube”? Actually he made marks with each “thing” before put it into the tube.

Because one fly swap wouldn’t fit in, he tried the other one, just incase!

Learning what marks some of the toys make.

Still filling up that tube!

While he was not looking, this young lady ran across the room and added her own truck to the pile.

He found the truck…picked it up…looked at it and then tried very hard to stuff it back in…was so funny to watch.

Then he decided to try and pick it up but it slipped and crashed to the floor. He giggled……


and started all over again! Arn’t children wonderful?

Checking out if her feet were as painted as mine! She thought it was very funny.

Great that she starts to experiment on her own.

Man to man talk!

He really enjoyed using this roller and made some great marks.
Easel time.
For the baby session from this afternoon…see Pt.2

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